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EIC Software Documentation

Welcome to EIC simulation software documentation!

Start using this website

Highlighted Features

Many feature of the website will help you navigate through the ocean of source code. Few are highlighted here:

  • Ever want to find a class or function? It is easy now using the "Search" box on top right of every page. Type few initial letters it will give hints to the rest.
  • Left side is a navigation bar that expands automatically with your browsing by default. You can also make these two independent of each other by toggling the arrows on left top.
  • Want to browse the software directory tree? Check out the Files button in the navigation bar.
  • How a class is inherited? Check out the Inheritance diagram in the class pages. They are auto folded by default. Example: click "Inheritance diagram for PHG4Hitv1" in page PHG4Hitv1.
  • Find out inter-dependencies between files. Example is on PHG4Hitv1.cc page, you can try clicking to unfold "Include dependency graph" and "files directly or indirectly include this file".
  • Highlighted source code with crossreferencing. Example click "Go to the source code" in PHG4Hitv1.cc . There are many more features, which you are welcome to explore.

Crossreferencing with EIC Git Respository

Through a special build of Doxygen, EIC GitHub respostory were automatically linked for Files, directories and member definitions. And users can choose between viewing the local copy of the source code (with more features) or the GitHub version (most up-to-date). Check out links like View newest version in GitHub in e.g. PHG4Reco::set_field .

Slow to load?

On some computers, user may experience delay up to 10s while loading pages from this web site. This is usually due to that the user browser rebuilds the navigation panel on the left side, which contains the index of thousands of software modules. In that case, to speed up the browsing, users can choose to stop auto-updating of the navigation panel by toggle off the "Sync" switch:

click to disable panel synchronisation

, which is on the left top.

Write your code with Doxygen documentation

You are highly encouraged to put Doxygen-style comments in your code, which will then be automatically applied to the documentation pages on this website (refreshed from CVS every a few hours). These features are easy to use, and helpful for readers to understand and use your developemnt.

To start use the Doxygen-style comments, please read the instruction page on the Doxygen website. Or even more easier, please just take a look at this example, which will show up in Doxygen page like this. You are also welcome to let Jin Huang know, if there is any question or suggestions.