This lesson is being piloted (Beta version)

EIC Tutorial: Reconstruction Algorithms in JANA2

Welcome to the EIC Tutorial on Reconstruction Algorithms in JANA2

This will show you how to build algorithms and plugins in JANA2 to expand and use the EPIC reconstruction software.


Please take a look in the setup section for necessary prerequisites for this lesson.


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction
00:05 2. Work Environment for EPIC Reconstruction Software How do I setup a development copy of the EICrecon repository?
00:25 3. Creating a plugin to make custom histograms/trees Why should a I make a custom plugin?
How do I create a custom plugin?
01:00 4. Creating or modifying a JANA factory in order to implement a reconstruction algorithm How to write a reconstruction algorithm in EICrecon?
01:35 5. Contibuting code changes to the EICrecon repository How do I submit code to the EICrecon repository?
01:55 Finish

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