This Site

The Goal

This website is been developed with the goal to support the software domain of the EIC community. Its mission, technology and design principles are different for the EIC User Group website and the Wikis used by the Working Groups to develop and share information that could change quite often. By contrast, this portal aims to provide reliable links to the code and repositories, curated and stable documentation and other resources necessary to advance the goals of the EIC in the software domain.

The Platform

The following considerations are important for long-term viability of the site:

In order to meet these criteria this website relies on modern static website generator technology with the following features:

To this end, the popular Jekyll website generator is used, with an additional toolkit Bootstrap for optimal user experience. Both Jekyll and Bootstrap are free and open source.

Design and Implementation

To learn about the design and conventions used on this site please see the “How-to” page . The code is available on GitHub in its own repository.


Information collected here is managed by the EIC software Group. Design of this site was inspired by the HEP Software Foundation Web site. We are grateful to the authors and maintainers of the following technologies: