NextCloud and S3

NextCloud/BNLbox: pre-generaged event datasets

The EIC group at BNL has a large amount (13 TB and growing) of pre-generated events from Pythia, Milou, Djangoh, and others available for download via NextCloud/BNLbox. To access this data, no lab association is necessary. Simply contact Kolja Kauder,, and request a guest account. You will receive an invitation where you can choose your password. From then on, you can log into and find everything in the EIC_Data directory via the web interface.

Download from the command line

Instructions for using curl, cadaver, and a script that can download entire directories can be found here. A few additional points that may simplify life:

Adding to the collection

There is more than enough space available to fulfill all storage needs of the Yellow Report effort as reported in the recent poll to working groups. To make use of it, please contact the software working group so we can determine together the most efficient way to upload your data and make it accessible to the whole community!


In addition to the NextCloud-based service described above, BNL SDCC has deployed substantial amount storage equipped with the S3 interface, for EIC use.

In the initial testing stage access to this storage is via the “MinIO” client - named “mc” - available for download from the MinIO site on its download page. Please contact Kolja Kauder,, for more information regarding the setup and getting authorized for access.