Computing Resources available at BNL and JLab

BNL and JLab provide computing resources for the worldwide EIC community:

You can use your existing BNL or JLab account or register as new user at the host labs:

Dedicated EIC resources: 7 machines with 64 core, 6×64 batch slots = 384 slots and one for interactive use (VMs). Each node has dual CPU AMD EPYC 7351. JLab operates a common cluster. 25k job slots. Delivering ~ 76M core hours per year normalized to dual CPU AMD EPYC 7351.
1,000 slots allocated from a variety of CPUs (Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC) EIC is currently one of ten projects sharing a 10% fair-share of the cluster. So guaranteed 7.6M core hours if the other nine are idle 0.8M if all are busy
31k slots available to all experiments that can be dynamically allocated upon priorities (358 M core hours per year). A further 4MCH/yr dedicated to EIC will be added when demand requires it.

Workload Management
OSG Submit host OSG submit host
OSG/EIC jobs landing at BNL are purely opportunistic. OSG infrastructure to land EIC jobs on the JLab cluster. Counts against quota.

Data Storage
/eic/data 6TB NFS mounted (GPFS general user use), 72% full EIC is allocated 5TB of volatile and 5TB of cache neither of which are close to the limit. The total pool at JLab is 5PB. Volatile and Cache are auto managed with a deletion policy so allocation can be changed.
/gpfs02/eic/DATA 400TB NFS mounted (GPFS data use), 53% full
Xrootd/StashCache under preparation Xrootd/StashCache available
1PB pool (S3 or Xrootd)

Auxiliary Data Services
CernVM-FS Stratum 0 repository server CernVM-FS Stratum 1 repository server
Globus for data transfer Globus for data transfer
BNLBox data export possible

GitHub organization

The EIC GitHub organization is available for the whole EIC community.