Get Started

Welcome to the Get Started section. This page will guide you through the steps to get setup for contributing and working in our software framework.

  1. Join GitHub:
    • GitHub serves as a central platform for version control, code review, issue tracking, and documentation. We maintain the EIC organization on GitHub for collaborative development of all software related to the EIC.
    • Read Access: Contact emailicon from your institutional email address. Include in your email your GitHub username and confirmation of whether you or your sponsor/advisor is a member of the EICUG or ePIC.
    • Write Access: For access to specific repositories, you can request to join various GitHub teams. For example, join ‘EPIC Devs’ for software development within the ePIC collaboration.
  2. Join Mattermost:
    • We use Mattermost for our main communication channel.
    • You can join by emailing any group member to be added.
  3. Sign up for our mailing lists:
    • Collaboration mailing list (subscribe here): emailicon
    • Software mailing list (subscribe here): emailicon
  4. Join a project! Checkout the ePIC wiki to get involved:
  5. Refer back to the landing page to checkout HEP Software and ePIC tutorials