The EICUG Software Working Group’s initial focus will be on simulations of physics processes and detector response to enable quantitative assessment of measurement capabilities and their physics impact. This will be pursued in a manner that is accessible, consistent, and reproducible to the EICUG as a whole.

It will embody simulations of all processes that make up the EIC science case as articulated in the white paper. The Software working group is to engage with new major initiatives that aim to further develop the EIC science case, including for example the upcoming INT program(s), and is anticipated to play key roles also in the preparations for the EIC project(s) and its critical decisions. The working group will build on the considerable progress made within the EIC Software Consortium (eRD20) and other efforts. The evaluation or development of experiment-specific technologies, e.g. mass storage, clusters or other, are outside the initial scope of this working group until the actual experiment collaborations are formed.

The working group will be open to all members of the EICUG to work on EICUG related software tasks. It will communicate via a new mailing list and organize regular online and in-person meetings that enable broad and active participation from within the EICUG as a whole.