Worldwide data storage and access through Petrel/Globus

We offer the community access to a large data storage allocation on Petrel to address the increasing need for an easy-to-access high-performance storage solution for the Yellow Report Initiative. Petrel is a Globus-enabled data service for researchers that provides a simple and intuitive interface for self-managed project-based data sharing. Our Petrel allocation is 100TB (more can be added if needed). The existing pre-grenerated Monte-Carlo data from BNL (13TB and growing) are mirrored in the BNL-gpfs02-data directory, and available JLab data will be added soon as well. You can find more info on Petrel here. Petrel is supported and maintained by ALCF.

​ Because of the Globus back-end it is easy to move, share and discover data via a single interface, regardless if you are working with on a HPC facility, computer farm or your local machine. All major laboratories and supercomputing facilities, as well as most universities support Globus. This allows you to use your existing laboratory (ANL, BNL, JLab, LBNL, etc.) or even university credentials to access the files. To access the storage space, log in to with your existing laboratory or university credentials and access the petrel#eic endpoint. It’s as easy as that!

​ Write-access is available to anyone in the EIC Globus Group. If you want write-access to the storage space, or if you encounter any issues, you can contact Sylvester or Markus. ​